Monthly Newsletter San Felipe

San Felipe Newsletter May 2014
We hope you have a wonderful summer and enjoy this time with your families. Bob and I miss you all and will see you on your return. Make sure you go to the business's that stay open for the summer and help them out. ....more->

San Felipe Newsletter April 2014
It is already May and what a beautiful time of the year this is in San Felipe. Bob and I are waiting for the Chili & Salsa CookOff at our own Club de Pesca on May 3rd.. By the time you read this, it will have already happened. We are so looking for- ward to the best time and the end of our season. ....more->

San Felipe Newsletter April 2014
On March 16th we went to a Full Moon Party at  San Felipe's Club De Pesca put on by my neighbor Pam Trayler. It was a wonderful night with lots of good friends and neighbors. The moon seemed to be at it’s best. So bright and the moon beam was amazing as always. The next day we went to a great St. Pat- rick’s Day Party at Las Arenas put on by Frank & Mary. Frank owned an Italian Rest. At one time and his cooking is some of the best I have ever had. He cooks th ....more->

San Felipe Newsletter March 2014
March is full of Excitement!  Tootie and the Gals are back in town for another fantastic performance. On March 10th from 12- 4pm, Tootie performs her “Mardi Gras Extrava- ganza” at San Felipe's El Dorado Ranch Pavilion Restaurant. This show is a ‘must see’ San Felipe favorite. Tickets are $15 with an optional $1 lunch menu. No host bar. A huge silent auction and an adoption event with our fluffy pups will add extra enjoyment. ....more->

San Felipe Newsletter February 2014
The weather seems to be changing and get- ting a little warmer in the daytime. Still cold at nights, but not half as bad as it was a month or two ago. Time is going by so fast. We have all kinds of events going on by our charities and lots of Festi- vals and Fiestas. It is getting to be party time in San Felipe. Lots of things happening in town which is a wonderful place to party. The Sea of Cortez is a great background for all this fun stuff. ....more->

San Felipe Newsletter January 2014
This is it 2014. When I was a kid I would think about what it would be like in the year 2000 let alone 2014. Well, no matter what, I made it. Things are very different in the world I grew up in. The age of computer and electronics is not my bag, but speak with the younger generation and they know it all. I guess this is what the future I thought about would hold for us right now. Who knows what is next. Didn’t do much through Christmas, was invited to parties and dinners, unfortunately I w ....more->