Tourist Events San Felipe

Targa Baja California Ensenada Rally Tour 2014
Classic cars, Food, Drinks, it doesn't get any better than this Gentlmen! Come to the Pavillion Restaurante at El Dorado Ranch San Felipe from 12 Noon till 03:00 pm starting October 31st for a exhibition of an amazing collection of classic cars.  This event is being organized by Targa Baja California - with their track record of events, this is one event you don't want to miss if you are in San Felipe.  For more info call the Pavillion Restaurante at this number 576-0519. ....more->

October Fest Helping The Animals Of San Felipe
Oktoberfest, the legendary German festival held each October, is here and will be celebrated in San Felipe thanks to the folks at Viva Segunda.  This is going to be an Oktoberfest with a twist.  We all know we're going to have a great time at the Fest, but the thought was, why not merge having a great time with doing a good deed.  So the idea of celebrating Octoberfest and supporting the San Felipe animal shelter was born. The Octoberfest will be held October, 23rd, 2014 at ....more->

9th Annual Charity Golf Tournament El Dorado Ranch San Felipe
The 9th Annual El Dorado Ranch Charity Golf Tournament is scheduled to be held at the Pavilion in El Dorado Ranch, San Felipe on October 17th & 18th, 2014.   Being in its ninth year, every year the tournament has grown in popularity and attendance and is one of the fun things to do in San Felipe. The magnificent Las Caras de Mexico 18-hole San Felipe golf course with the charming Sea of Cortez never disappoints with its unique challenges. Individual participation is $100.  ....more->

San Felipe Shrimp Festival 2014
The dates for the annual San Felipe Shrimp festival will be November 7th - 9th, 2014.  As usual, the festival will be held on the Malecon boardwalk with the beautiful Sea of Cortez backdrop..  If you have not been to the Shrimp Festival, this is one of the annual events that attracts local as well as visitors from far away.  Chefs from the best restaurants in San Felipe take up stands on the Malecon and compete for who can best prepare a shrimp dish. Of course, all shrimp are fres ....more->

San Felipe Ceviche Festival 2014
The 2014 edition of the San Felipe Ceviche Festival will be held August 30th, 2014 from 12PM at the San Felipe Malecon.  This will be the fourth edition of the festival and every years gets better. Great vintage live music, dance groups, family friendly atmosphere, raffles are just some of the fun things to expect at the festival.  Whether you are a fan of Ceviche or not, this is going to be a fun event not to miss.   ....more->

Baja San Felipe 250
Ladies and Gentlemen… start your engines! The Baja 250 is one of San Felipe’s most popular, most exciting and most anticipated events of the year. Thousands of people come from all over the world to rev their engines and take part in this high-speed race through San Felipe. The Baja 250 is held the last weekend in February in San Felipe. In 2014, close to 200 racers competed in this 250 mile course, ranging from 16 year olds to racers in their 60’s. The beauty of this ra ....more->