”Tacos el Poblano” is a San Felipe Mexico taco stand that serves a large variety of tacos for your dining pleasure.    Whether you’re looking for muscle meat, or meat parts, this is the place to find it.  Not only are pure meat tacos available, but several of them also include fruit and veggies in their mix.  ‘Tacos El Poblano’ Is certainly the place in which to indulge your adventurous side when it comes to native cuisine.   You’ll discover this taco stand soon after you enter San Felipe, on your left hand side and you might just be tempted to eat your fill in this smorgasbord of gastronomical goodies.

Food Available:  Oh my, this is the place in which to treat your taste buds to something different, more adventurous, if you’re up to it.  Yes, beef tacos are here, but there’s more than just your run-of-the-mill beef.  Tacos de carne adobada are a delight for the palette.  Even the presentation of the adobada mix is unique.   It looks like a giant Mexican top, the kind that children all over Mexico play with.  Wider at the top, bulging out even farther about 1/3 of the way down, it finally tapers its way to the bottom, where it ends in an onion.  It is a treat for the eyes, as well as for the mouth.  The adobada combination itself is made up of slices of pork and beef, alternated on a horizontal skewer.  The purpose of the onion is as a stopper at the bottom, where it keeps the adobada mix from falling off.  Between the meat slices are placed pineapple and onion slices.  All four of these delicacies continue to construct the ‘top’ from the bottom up, reaching a height of about a foot and a half.  Behind this visual delight is an upright grill of sorts that slowly roasts the meats and their accompaniments.  There is also a small grill in front of the adobada that cooks the mix that isn’t quite done when a taco is ordered.  It’s an efficient setup that appeals to more than one of the five senses in its preparation and consumption. 

Tacos filled with tripitas also make their presence known here.  Tripitas, or tripas, are widely used in Mexican cuisine.  They are the small intestines of farm animals that have been cleaned, boiled, and grilled, and used as a taco filling along with condiments such as cilantro, onions, and a hot sauce.  Before you judge, know that tripitas have been used as food for generations in Mexico.   Many native Mexicans love their tacos de tripitas, and you may want to try one of these tacos just to say you ate like the ‘locals’.  In case the idea of intestinal casings causes you to inadvertently ‘urp’, remember that most of the best sausages of German, Polish, and Italian origin, even those made in the U.S., are often made with natural casings, natural meaning they come from the animal itself.  You may want to challenge yourself here, in order to be able to tell your friends back home that you tried something truly Mexican.  And, who knows!  You might actually like it!

Campechanos are tacos that contain a combination of the above.   The filling for these tacos is composed of beef, adobada, and tripitas, mixed together into a flavorful blend.  If you want to try all the meats served here at ‘Tacos El Poblano’, but feel more comfortable if they are not on their own, then campechanos is the way to go.  Bon appétit! 

Besides tacos, there are other types of foods available.  Quesadillas (pronounced kay-sa-dee-yas), are folded tortillas (pronounced tor-tee-yas) with melted cheese inside.  These are usually made with flour tortillas, but corn tortillas are also on the premises if corn is what you prefer.  Sincronizadas are a type of tortilla ‘sandwich’ which are grilled, and contain melted cheese and the meat of your choice.  Quesatacos are mutant tacos, not quite taco, not quite quesadilla, but a delicious combination of both.  They are filled with meat like the conventional taco, but also filled with cheese that melts over and around the meat.  Quesatacos are a glorious way to get the best of both these worlds.

Speaking of flour and corn tortillas, it may interest you to know that both types are homemade here at ‘Tacos El Poblano’.  If you’ve never eaten homemade tortillas before, you are in for a taste delight.  And these tortillas are made without all the chemicals that might be found in the tortillas on your grocery counter, but with the time-tested ingredients of Mexico itself.

Tortas are also made here at ‘Tacos El Poblano’.  Tortas are the Mexican equivalent of a hot grilled sandwich.  Made on torta rolls that are heated on the grill, you choose your favorite meat, which is also warmed up.  When everything is put together, you have an entire meal on a roll, including meat, salad veggies, and avocado sauce.  These are so good, you may want some to go to leisurely eat later while strolling along the Malecon, riding among the sand dunes, or simply sitting in a beach chair watching the pelicans (known affectionately as the San Felipe Air Force) as they skim the surface of the Sea of Cortez.

Beverages are available to buy, and include Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola, as well as strawberry and orange soft drinks.  You may also bring your own beverages, including beer and wine.  Just make sure the owners know that’s what you’re doing.  It’s always polite to ask permission when on someone else’s home turf. 

Our chiles toreados, grilled peppers (hot!) are available as well as grilled green onions.  And, of course, our staple of frijoles (beans) come right out of the pot into a cup, hot and steaming.  Enjoy the complete Mexican experience.

Price:  15 pesos for tacos, which is less than a dollar and a half (US dollars).   Other foods vary in price, but everything is reasonable and delicious.

Condiments:   Standard condiments, including diced onions, chopped cilantro, quacamole sauce made with fresh avocados, and various salsas that range from mild to hot, are available on a self-serve basis.  Load up your food with as much or as little as you want.

Seating:  Seating is outdoors, so that you can enjoy your food ‘al fresco’. 


I recommend ‘Tacos El Poblano’ to anyone who wants a more unusual taco experience.  Antonio and Regina’s family is friendly and welcoming, and they maintain a high standard of cleanliness. 

  • Address: , San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico, 21850
  • Telephone:
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