‘Tacos el Filete’ is found just past La Glorieta (the turnaround that connects the two main roadways in San Felipe, Calzada Chetumal and Mar Caribe) on the right side of Calzada Chetumal.  As you approach the stand itself, you will notice local people speaking in the lilting native tongue of Mexico, enjoying the cuisine of this popular taco stand.  The wafting odors of cooking food assail your nose, making your mouth anxious to taste the source of such delicious smells.

There is a wide variety of food available at ‘Tacos el Filete’.  Several different kinds of tacos are made, including beef, fish, shrimp, and chicken, served with fresh veggies.  The original ‘bandera’ salsa is always present, front and center.  ‘Bandera’ is the Mexican word for flag, and this particular salsa, made with green peppers, white onions, and red tomatoes, represent the colors of our Mexican flag. It is usually of medium heat, and complements all Mexican food.

Several different foods made with corn or flour tortillas are also offered, including sincronizadas (a ‘sandwich’ made of tortillas, filled with cheese and meat filling of your choosing), and quesadillas, (a heated, folded tortilla usually filled with melted cheese).

Chiles toreados, our baked peppers (hot!) are available in two colors, yellow and jalapeňo.  And, of course, what would a Mexican meal be without the presence of our traditional frijoles, pronounced free-hoe-less, (beans). These are not the often-thought-of refried beans, but cooked beans straight from the pot. You can then season them to your liking, or eat them plain as many of us do.

Bottled sodas, including Coca-Cola and Fanta, are on hand, as well as some of our natural Mexican beverages.  Horchata (pronounced or-cha-ta) is made with rice, vanilla, and cinnamon, and is extremely refreshing no matter what the weather.  Jamaica, (pronounced ha-my-ka) is an herbal tea made from natural hibiscus flower parts, has a sweet-tart flavor, and is consumed around the world. Both beverages are best served over ice. Fresh pineapple juice is also available.

In the cool of the evening, when the sea breeze is blowing, or during a mild, sunny day outdoor dining, 'al fresco' dining is the way to go. When the weather is warmer, there is indoor, air-conditioned seating available for your comfort.

This stand is a personal favorite of mine because it is not only near my home, but the beef is truly succulent and tender, at the same time retaining a bold, beefy flavor. The owner has been a friend of mine for many years, and I can attest to his integrity as a businessman, as well as his commitment to cleanliness when working with food.  I have directed many out-of-town visitors to juan’s stand, and have never heard a complaint in 15 years. 

I recommend Tacos el Filete to anyone who is looking forward to eating  quality  food  at reasonable prices.  The atmosphere is unrushed and friendly, encouraging chatter and laughter.  High standards of cleanliness  are maintained, although things can get a bit messy during rush hour.  Enjoy!

Condiments are often similar from one taco stand to another.  Here, at ‘Tacos el Filete’, the condiments are located at the front of the stand, where you can help yourself to personalize your taco in the manner that pleases you most.  Shredded cabbage, guacamole sauce, diced onions, chopped cilantro, and various salsas exist to entice you to rely on old favorites, or to be daring and taste something new.  Along with our bandera salsa, salsa habanera is a tried and true hot sauce.  Here, at ‘Tacos el Filete’, a distinctive salsa composed of habanero peppers and mango begs to be tasted.  Salsa Lupita and salsa asada are also waiting for you to discover them.

Tacos cost 15 pesos (less than a dollar and a half).  The prices of other  food stuffs  vary, but everything is reasonable and tasty.

There is no set schedule of hours for ‘Tacos el Filete’.  Usually, this stand is open later in the afternoon.  However, on holiday weekends, it opens earlier in the day and may remain open later than usual. 

  • Address: Calzada Chetumal, San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico, 21850
  • Telephone:
  • Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Asadero-El-Filete/183746518402543
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