Restaurants San Felipe

San Felipe Restaurant Reviews: Sweet Spot Bar & Grill
The Sweet Spot Bar and Grill is a little piece of red, white and blue in the hot and beachy town of San Felipe. The menu consists of some delicious American BBQ favorites, complete with perfectly seasoned fries and BBQ sauce that you will want to lick off of your fingers. For a little taste of American cuisine in the heart of Mexico, The Sweet Spot Bar and Grill is great place to sit back in front of the many flat screen TVs, watch some football (Americano) and enjoy the breathtaking view of the ....more->

San Felipe Restaurant Reviews: Rosita Restaurant
Rosita’s on the Malecon If devouring Mexican food and people watching is your idea of a great night, then you need to head straight over to Rosita’s. Located at the end of San Felipe’s famous Malecon (or boardwalk) this is a hot spot for tourists and locals alike. During the day, the sun shines brightly on the Malecon, but the sea breezes from the gulf keep temperatures down and allow for a comfortable and enjoyable stroll. As you walk along the Malecon, there is no telling ....more->

San Felipe Restaurant Reviews: Rice and Beans Restaurant
You can’t eat Mexican food without rice and beans, and you can’t visit San Felipe without visiting the famous Rice and Beans restaurant. So much more than their name conveys, this restaurant has an extensive menu ranging from fresh seafood to Mexican favorites like quesadillas and enchiladas at very affordable prices. How To Find Rice and Beans Rice and Beans is located on the Northern end of the Malecon (or boardwalk) overlooking the gorgeous Sea of Cortez. Strolling the Malec ....more->

Parrots Cracker Beach Bar and Grill, San Felipe, Baja California
Parrot’s Cracker Bar and Grill When you pull up to Parrot’s Cracker Bar and Grill, the first thing you will notice is the bright colors and tall palm trees. You will feel like you’ve just stepped into a tropical food paradise, and you have! As you walk into Parrot’s Cracker, sit down at the bar for a cocktail at happy hour between 3 and 5, or grab a table by the window, pick up the menu and get ready to make one of hardest decisions of your life: What amazing dish w ....more->

La Vaquita Marina Restaurant San Felipe, Mexico
Gourmet In San Felipe Chances are, you’ll find that once you arrive in San Felipe, you’ll spend a lot of time in flip flops and tank tops, strolling from casual eatery to casual delicious eatery, munching on shrimp tacos and sipping cold beer, all while staring out into the gorgeous waves of The Sea of Cortez. We know, it sounds horrible. But for the few occasions when you want a true gourmet, 5 star meal that puts everything San Felipe is about into every bite, you’ll ....more->

Mariscos La Morena San Felipe Restaurant
At the corner of of Av. Malecón Sur and Calle Ensenada in San Felipe you will find an open and welcoming seafood restaurant called Mariscos la Morena. If you were planning to walk right by the gem, the staff posted outside to lure you in will do their best to entice you with their daily specials and drink specials in broken English as you stroll by the restaurant. Do yourself a favor and step inside; you’ll be glad you did. A Beautiful Oceanfront View You will notice a few thi ....more->

Juanitos Cantina (San Felipe, Baja) - Restaurant Review
The prestigious El Dorado Ranch Resort offers visitors countless amenities, from upscale dining options, to tennis courts and multiple swimming pools. Guests who are staying in a vacation home on this luxurious resort could spend an entire day just exploring and experiencing all of the fantastic activities it has to offer. One of the most delicious options on the resort is Juanito’s Cantina. Lucky for all San Felipe visitors, Juanito’s Cantina is open to the public, so everyone can e ....more->

El Balcon Cocina Artesanal (San Felipe, Baja) - Restaurant Review
When your server sets your plate down in front of you, you will wonder if El Balcon Cocina is a restaurant or an art gallery. The expertly plated main courses and desserts will blow you away with their beauty, finesse and creativity. Have your cameras ready, because you will want to send, share and post pictures of these dishes with all of your friends.    Chef Marcelino has a love for Mexican food as deep as his Pueblan roots. Food in Puebla is a delicious mix of Pre-Hispanic an ....more->

BajaMar Restaurant (San Felipe, Baja California) - Restaurant Review
BajaMar is a first class restaurant, located on the heart of the Malecon in San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico. Owned and operated by the Ascolani family and offering the finest sea food and traditional Mexican food. This is an extraordinary dining experience. Enjoy the renowned San Felipe weather first hand on BajaMar’s large elevated outside deck that offers fabulous views of The Sea of Cortez and al the activity going on out at sea. The afternoon breezes off the Sea and the nearly c ....more->