Imagine getting settled in to your private, fully furnished condo or vacation home on the prestigious El Dorado Ranch Resort. You can practically see the private beach from your front door, so you grab you suit and some sunscreen and head over to the gorgeous beach that isn’t crowded like the public beaches. You sit in the sand, order a drink and look out into the ocean. Then you hear it. And then you see it. Up in the sky, is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it coming in for a landing?! What you are witnessing is Raphael the pilot, soaring high above the Sea of Cortez in his ultra light plane! This flying contraption looks like it is half hand glider and half go-kart. It sails through the air with ease thanks to its perfectly designed sale, yet can land and take off from the ground using its small but powerful motor and three wheels. The ultralight plane doesn’t need much space to land or take off, so the private beach on El Dorado Ranch is a great place to grab a ride and soar high above San Felipe.


There is only room for two passengers aboard the ultra light plane, so it will only be you and the pilot up there. Don’t forget your camera (but hold on to it tightly!) and snap pictures from up above. And of course don’t forget to take a selfie with Raphael way up high! 

The cost for a ride is usually around $50 for a half an hour ride through the sky, but prices can be lower or higher depending on how busy the beach is at that particular time.

A typical ride on an ultralight plane starts with your pilot carefully explaining the rules and regulations for being on board the aircraft. Safety is always the number one priority. Some pilots will have you sign a waiver stating that you understand the rules of flight. You will then be seated next to the pilot and buckled in, and given a helmet. The pilot will start the engine, and in one quick, swift glide, will have you soaring up, up, up above the land. As you climb higher in altitude, the pilot will slowly gear the aircraft out over the water, an exhilarating and exciting feeling for sure! As the people on the beach get smaller and smaller, you’ll be able to see down into the blue waters of the Sea of Cortez and maybe even see a dolphin or two! After gliding over the water for a bit, you will head to the gorgeous mountain ranges. The sea will be in the distance and you’ll look down to see your feet dangling over gorgeous, mountainous landscapes. You can see the boardwalk, the sea, the mountains, everything all at once from this amazing view. It can get a little loud up in the air, with the combination of the engine and the wind, so there won’t be much talking going on. Your pilot may point out a few notable landmarks for you to see, and if you have your camera with you it is a great opportunity to take some one-of-a-kind pictures. As the ride continues, you’ll head back over the crashing waves of the sea, and back towards the beach. The landing is slow and graceful, and you’ll have your feet back on solid ground without a hitch. Don’t be surprised if curious onlookers, who have a few questions about the ride, surround you when you land. Once people see this crafty machine, everyone wants to know what its like to ride it!

After an exhilarating ride in the sky, head back over to the Malecon and have a margarita at The Taco Factory and watch others soar above the sea as they experience the thrill of the ultalight plane flight.

There really isn’t a bad time to go on an ultralight flight. Early morning is good because you can watch the town slowly start their day and watch the sleepy town wake up and get busy. The middle of the afternoon is great because you have so much to look at down below, with swimmers, sunbathers, boaters, vendors, and people just walking around, it’s a whole new way to people watch! Evenings are beautiful because you can watch the town start to slow down again, the sun sets, the temperatures drop and the nightlife begins to emerge.

“For my son’s 16th birthday we went to San Felipe and as soon as he saw the ultralight plane land on the beach, he looked at me with that ‘Mom PLEASE??!?!’ face that all kids do so well. Since it was his birthday I decided to let him try it. Raphael the pilot gave us a discount on the price because it was my son’s birthday. As the pilot gave my son the safety instructions, it was very clear that the pilot knew what he was doing, and that put my nervous mommy heart at ease. They took off so smoothly and before we knew it they were really high! The small contraption looked really high tech and preformed very well! I was impressed. When they landed (close to 45 minutes later, and they didn’t charge us for the extra time!) my son had a smile ear to ear. He wanted to go again! He said it was very smooth and he felt very safe the whole time. They landed smoothly and without much noise or disturbance of the people standing by. It was an unexpected adventure on the beach, but very worth it!”

-Felicia, Phoenix Arizona 

Taking this ultralight plane is a fun and different way to experience San Felipe. All pilots of an ultalight are required to have a pilot’s license and undergo specific training to ensure the safest flight possible. In the early years of ultralight flying, the pilots and aircrafts weren’t carefully regulated, but now, it is a different story. The aircrafts are required to be in pristine condition and pilots are to be up to date on all of their certifications. You can rest assured that when you buckle up next to one of the trained, knowledgeable and professional pilots, that you will be in good hands. Take a breath, and let yourself be whisked away over ocean and beautiful, busy town of San Felipe. 

Villa 22-4

House ID: Villa 22-4

An open staircase from the great room takes you to the master suite....200 square feet of privacy. Look out from the patio of this San Felipe vacation rental condo and enjoy the stunning views of the golf and if you feel like playing go ahead, residents get discounts. This San Felipe rental has plenty of room to relax by the cozy fireplace or in the huge continental bathroom with steeping tub. There is a big walk-in-closet. The other two bedrooms on the first level both share a covered patio. On ....more->

Location: San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico

Bedrooms: 3 | Bathrooms: 3 | Sleeps: 8

  • Regular Rates: $120/nt
  • ~ Weekend Rate: $150/nt