Hiking in San Felipe Mexico is very much an outdoor activity available for locals and vacationers to enjoy, except, it comes with a twist. If you are a hiker used to hike along a known path with the aid of a hiking book or some maps, you need to be aware that such is not available for hiking a San Felipe. Rather, you showed come with an Explorer mindset to enjoy local hiking.

The terrain in San Felipe makes it possible for hikers of all levels to have a good time. You have everything from wide expanse of flat land for easy or beginner hikes, to the more challenging hikes involving significant elevation gain courtesy of the surrounding Sierra San Pedro Martír mountain ranges.

If you're interested in doing some mild hiking, one suggestion is to make a trip to “Valley of the Giants” nature preserve which is South of town on the road to Puertecitos. This is a large flat desert terrain with huge Sahuaros plants. At the entrance, you will be meet by an attendant - you pay about 100 pesos for entry fee. Although this is desert terrain, you may drive with a regular two-wheel car up to a certain point as the guide instructs you. At this point, your hike begins.

For a more challenging hike, San Felipe’s numerous mountain ranges provide ample opportunity. When I went hiking, I was staying in El Dorado Ranch. We drove into the El Dorado Ranch Palos Verdes entrance and headed West until we got out the gate at the Western border. We Drove about an hour out and parked our car next to a point where the road looks like heavy rains washed out the desert road. We headed towards the mountains can began climbing from peak to peak. Needless to say, we were rewarded with amazing views of the San Felipe desert.


Tips for hiking in San Felipe

  1. Don’t hike alone: When hiking in San Felipe, it is recommended you hike in a group of two or more people.
  2. Take lots of water: San Felipe is a desert, depending on the time of the year, it can get pretty hot, so having lots of water is a tip to take seriously.
  3. Use a 4 x 4 truck: When going considerable distance off road into the San Felipe desert to get to your hiking starting point, it is recommended you use an all-wheel drive vehicle.
  4. Give Notice: Because hikes in San Felipe are on paths made up as you go, it is unlikely you encounter other hikers who could help in the event of an emergency. For this reason, it is recommended you let a 3rd party know the general area you intend to go hiking.
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