It is hard to walk down many streets in San Felipe without seeing a store, cart, or a man with his hands full, advertising souvenirs that you just have to have. Mexican tequila, shot glasses, sombreros, hand made Mexican blankets, carefully painted pottery and tiles, magnets, postcards and many other “touristy” trinkets to take home and remember your trip by. 

If you have enough Mexican flag magnets and shot glasses at home, or you’re just looking for something a little more authentic and unique, you should head to the Cachanilla Club House on El Dorado Ranch Resort.

Visitors who are staying in a fully furnished condo or vacation home on El Dorado Ranch can find the Canchailla Club House by simply driving up to the Pemex gas station by El Dorado Ranch on Highway 5, and drive up the road to the security guard post. Drive up the road for about a mile and to your right, and you will see the hustle and bustle of the famous Sa Felipe Swap Meet.

Originally started by Americans looking to get rid of their used items and hang out with friends, this early Saturday morning tradition has turned into something much bigger, something everyone visiting San Felipe should take advantage of. Americans and Mexicans set up tables on the grounds of the Canchilla Club House. They bring their gently used items, produce, hand made crafts, food, alcohol and so much more to sell. It’s similar to a flea market in the US, where just the stroll down the aisles and the looking at all of the different items is an experience in itself. Finding something you’ve been looking for is a bonus. 

There is no limit to what can be sold here, so take a look around at the extensive variety of goods. Where else can you go and buy live Maine lobster just feet away from a place you bought a hand sewn Mexican hammock? It’s not everyday you can peruse through the gently used things of a stranger (At least we hope you don’t do that everyday!) so make sure you arrive early so you can spend a good amount of time really appreciating the variety of everything there is to offer.

In the beginning, people would show up in the morning and set up their tables for the day. Now, competition is so tough that some arrive the night before to claim their spot.  Vendors looking to sell their goods want to be a part of the excitement each and every Saturday morning, and they are there open and ready for business at 10 am.

 Rave Reviews

“I told my friends back home I’d get them something really cool from Mexico. As our trip came to and end, I wasn’t impressed with the souvenir options in downtown San Felipe. The day before our last day in San Felipe, we heard someone mention the Swap Meet and decided to check it out. I am so glad we did! There were lines and lines of cars set up selling music, fresh fruit, jewelry, and even chocolate out of the backs of their cars! I must have stopped by each table or car three times, trying to decide what to get for each of my closest girl friends. I ended up picking out a really cool woven bracelet for one friend, a cute statue of a monkey in a sombrero for my other friend, and a gorgeous painting of the Gulf of Mexico for the other.

All of that shopping left me starving, so we munched along the way at some of the tents that were grilling meats and serving them on bread. It was so good, and a nice change from the chain restaurants we had been to the last few days.

My only complaint was that it was really hot and there wasn’t much shade, but it was June in Mexico, what did I expect?

I would recommend a nice long visit to the San Felipe Swap Meet if you are looking to take home a few original souvenirs for your friends and family back home.”

-Rebecca T, Houston TX

When arriving at the Swap Meet, let the guards know that is where you are headed. During the week, a pass is needed to get through the gate, but exceptions are made on Saturdays for the swap meet.

Even if you don’t have something in mind that you need or want to buy, you should still check out the Swap Meet. Many people go just to hang out, meet new people and get to know fellow travelers on El Dorado Ranch. Who knows, you may get there empty handed and leave with a monkey statute and a new friend or two! 

Villa 22-4

House ID: Villa 22-4

An open staircase from the great room takes you to the master suite....200 square feet of privacy. Look out from the patio of this San Felipe vacation rental condo and enjoy the stunning views of the golf and if you feel like playing go ahead, residents get discounts. This San Felipe rental has plenty of room to relax by the cozy fireplace or in the huge continental bathroom with steeping tub. There is a big walk-in-closet. The other two bedrooms on the first level both share a covered patio. On ....more->

Location: San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico

Bedrooms: 3 | Bathrooms: 3 | Sleeps: 8

  • Regular Rates: $120/nt
  • ~ Weekend Rate: $150/nt