Picture this: Relaxing on the beach, the sun browning your skin, your toes drawing circles in the sand. A cold drink in your hand and the only thing on your mind is how you’re going to explain the breathtaking colors of the sea and sky to your friends back home. As you stare out into the ocean, a live Mexican band plays in the distance behind you and you can smell the fajitas and enchiladas cooking at a nearby restaurant. Then something catches your eye, something red and pink and green far out in the water. It looks like it’s floating on top of the waves. As it passes, you can tell it’s a sailboat. If the view from the land is this incredible, imagine what it is like out at sea, sailing peacefully in the middle of the crystal clear waters! And then you decide: there is a sailboat in your future. Lucky for you, San Felipe is an excellent place to rent a sailboat and experience the town from the water.

Where To Start

After you finish your drink and dust the sand off of your feet, head to San Felipe Sailing Club and Sailboat Rental.  It’s located directly on the water, minutes from Baja Mar Restaurant, a 25-minute straight shot from El Dorado Ranch Resort. The Sailing Club is. The San Felipe Sailing Club is owned by Felipe Vargas. He is a San Felipe native and has been in the area for over 25 years and at his present spot at the south end of The Club de Pesca on Bahia de San Felipe for 8 years. You’ll know you’re in Felipe’s office when you see a wooden shack right on the water with a tan, shirtless smiling boat captain anxious to put you on a boat. When you arrive, Felipe and his staff will get you set up with a beautiful Hobie Catamaran. Unless you have extensive sailing credentials, Felipe will set you up with an experienced captain who will navigate the sailboat flawlessly through the Gulf of Mexico so all you have to think about it the amazing view.

The Sailboat

The beautiful and colorful sailboats are extremely clean and well taken care of. Safety is of the utmost importance, so life jackets are provided for every passenger. The boat can fit 4 people comfortably, with plenty of places to sit in the shade, and large open areas to lay out and get a tan. Since you will be equipped with your own personal captain, you can enjoy the view, the sea breeze and the peace and quiet of the Gulf of Mexico while the captain sails you smoothly through the waves. Feel free to bring a lunch or drinks on board, as long as you leave the boat as neat and tidy as you found it. 

The Ride

As you pull away from the land, and the people on the coast get smaller and smaller, you’ll feel the sense of adventure. Sailing out into the crystal clear waters of the Gulf is a great way to get another perspective of San Felipe. You’ll notice marine birds flying and diving around you, and if you are lucky, a dolphin or two may just swim alongside the boat. If you are with friends, this is a great way to add an element of fun and adventure to your vacation. Consider your sailboat a party on waves! Make sure you take plenty of pictures as you sail farther into sea; the coast of San Felipe in the background makes for great pictures. If you’re heading out with your special someone, expect to earn major points in the romance department! Set sail as the sun goes down, enjoy a glass of wine as you and your hunny cuddle together at the bow of the boat, with soft sea mist spraying your feet. Again, a breathtaking photo opportunity; the sun setting over the Gulf of Mexico, surrounded by miles and miles of blue sparkling water. This is a romantic adventure that the two of you will never forget.


“Go see Felipe! He is such a nice guy and hooked us up with an amazing boat!”

-Frank, Long Island New York 

“I hired a sailboat from San Felipe Sailing Club for my wife and I to go out on one night in San Felipe. It was private and quiet and we loved having that one on one time, and at the same time being surrounded by the sea and sky.  Great ride for a great price!”

-Mark, Orlando Florida

FAQ’s about sailing

Q: How much does it cost to hire a sailboat?

A: $40.00

Q: When can I rent a sailboat?

A: 7 days a week! Timing depends on the tides, which changes daily 

Q: Can kids go sailing?

A: As long as they are with a responsible guardian over the age of 18, kids are welcome to enjoy the sailing experience. 

For those worried about seasickness, rest assured that the sailing experience is not a bumpy one. The experienced captains know precisely when and where to take the boats for the smoothest ride. The waters off the coast of San Felipe are usually calm and there is rarely any turbulence. Sailing is a very smooth and easy way to experience the ocean. If you are still worried, consider bringing some Drammamine to calm your queezy stomach, but we doubt you’ll even need it.

The average sailing trip is 2-3 hours, so make sure you stop by the bathroom before you get on board. If you know there is a certain day during your trip you want to sail, stop by and see Felipe in advance so he can make sure a boat is ready for you on that specific day. Boats won’t go out during strong storms, of course, so keep an eye on the weather when planning a sailing adventure. 

When you come back to shore, sit back down, order another drink and stick your toes back in the sand. As you listen to the music and watch the sun go down, all you will be able to think about is your experience on a sailboat and how you can possibly put the feeling of relaxation and adventure into words for your friends back home. 

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