San Felipe is a perfect place for families with kids. The beaches, the boating and the lavish swimming pools make this a great spot for adults and kids alike. However, if your trip to San Felipe consists of travelers 18 and older, there is plenty to do in San Felipe when the sun goes down for those looking for a little bit of partying.

Upscale, Quiet and Classy

If you want to get dressed up and head somewhere quiet and romantic, there are a few bars and restaurants in San Felipe that provide a secluded and calm atmosphere, perfect for a date night.  El Nido Restruant and Steak House is the perfect place for a quiet cocktail and good conversation. Dim lighting, white table cloths and a guitarist who migrates from table to table makes this steakhouse a great pick for a relaxed night out.  A stroll along The Malecon (or boardwalk) is also a great way to spend the evening.

Upbeat, Sexy and Fun

If you are ready to shake your booty to some great music, San Felipe has some incredible nightclubs that are packed each and every weekend. Depending on the type of music and atmosphere you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find a nightclub that makes you want to dance.

  • Rockodile Cantina is a sexy and exciting nightclub, where anything can happen. This place has been known to have bubble parties, where the dancers move and shake through feet of slippery bubbles. The crowd is on the younger side, the drinks are strong and the music is a mix of everything from latin pop, trance, progressive house, to old school, and jungle beats.  You can’t miss this exciting spot, as there is a large, neon green crocodile sign above the front entrance. Rockodile must be doing something right (we think it’s the strong drinks in HUGE glasses) because they have been the number one nightclub in San Felipe since they opened their doors in 1987.  If you’re looking for a night you won’t remember, you can probably find it here.
  • Beachcomber Bar and Night Club has three separate areas to accommodate the 2000 partiers that fill the club every weekend.  The downstairs bar (or Barra Abajo if you want to impress the locals) is a relaxed place to sit and chat with friends, have a drink and watch sports on the 60” TV. Sunday and Thursdays are Karaoke nights, so sing your heart out to the countless American and Mexican favorites. The second section of this nightclub is The Terrace (or La Terraza if you’re showing off.) It is a rooftop party spot where you can soak up the sun and drink margaritas during the day, or dance the night away on the gigantic dance floor at night. This is a fun and safe place to for singles to mingle and have a good time. Beachcomber has some of the best DJs in the area, so the pop Latin and club beats will have you tossing your inhibitions to the side and truly enjoying a night out. The third area is The Plaza (La Palaza, but that’s an easy one.) It is a huge space that can fit 1500 partiers or 800 sit down diners. It is open most holiday weekends and over spring break. The large stage is a great place for crazy contests, live music and other sorts of entertainment. This large area can be rented out for events and private parties. 

Outdoors and Unpredictable

You never know what’s going to happen when you walk along The Malecon when the sun goes down. Don’t be surprised to see dueling mariachi bands, who quickly draw a large crowd and encourage audience participation. Drinking along The Malecon is legal, so feel free to pop open a beer as you people watch down the boardwalk. If you think you see the same car or truck circling by you over and over again, you’re not going crazy and you’re not being stalked. A popular nighttime activity is to sit in the back of a truck or car with a few friends, a few drinks and ride slowly down the streets by The Malecon to check out the beautiful people and people scenery. Anything can happen on the boardwalk, which is what makes it such a fun and exciting place to go with a bunch of friends. It is also a great place to meet other tourists and hear about the places they went and things they did, it could give you an idea for the next day’s adventure.

Spring Break

The definition of spring break in San Felipe is thousands of half naked, drunk college kids taking over the city for 7 days. If you are a half naked, drunk college kid, or like hanging out with them, the second or third week in March is a great time for you in San Felipe. Prices for everything (including admission into these night clubs) skyrocket during this time because the kids will pay it. If you’d rather skip the crazy masses, June and July is a popular time for actual adults to come play. 

Important Info About San Felipe Night Life

  • Drinking age is 18
  • If you’re hanging out on The Malecon, the streets Avenida Costero and Mar de Cortez are one-way roads, so pay attention if you’re driving, and pay attention for drivers who may not be.
  • If you are staying on the El Dorado Ranch Resort, these nightclubs are a straight shot down Highway 5, it is only a 15 minute drive.
  • Police are very strict about drinking and driving, and if caught you could face serious consequences (especially if you’re from the US.) So be responsible. There are plenty of taxi companies that can get you home for next to nothing.

At Rockodile, ask your bartender for the drink that makes your tongue blue. They’ll know what you’re talking about, and after one of two of them, you won’t be making much sense anymore. At BeachComber, the drinks are so reasonably priced, it’ll be easy to buy that hottie at the end of the bar a drink or two to strike up some conversation.

Drink responsibly, have fun, and dance your heart out in San Felipe

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