Giddy Up, Partner! Saddle up and try some good ‘ol fashion horseback riding when you visit San Felipe!

A quick online search can give conflicting results as to whether or not there is horseback riding available in San Felipe. We are here to officially tell you that YES, it is possible and recommended that you try this four legged adventure with family and friends while you’re here, you just have to know where to look.

If you’re renting a fully furnished home or condo on the coveted El Dorado Ranch Resort, you’re only a few minutes from The Malecon, or boardwalk. This is a busy and popular place for locals and tourists. It is right on the water and walking distance to dozens of delicious restaurants like El Balcon Cocina and The Parrot’s Cracker. It will be hard to miss a group of strong, beautiful horses just waiting to take you on a stroll. From up on their strong backs, you can get a great view of The Malecon, the water, and all of the beautiful people out enjoying the San Felipe sunshine. During busy holidays, local horse owners will walk The Malecon, offering to take people for a ride. They are usually more expensive than going through a horse riding company, but sometimes they are available when some of the more popular horseback riding stables are booked full.

If you’re looking for something a little more rugged and adventurous than a horseback ride on the beach, check out Pete’s Camp. This is a stable seven miles north of San Felipe, east of the highway. Since it is off the beaten path a little, the experience is much less touristy than hopping on one of the horses on the boardwalk. When you reach Pete’s Camp, ask for Jesus. He is a horse lover and a people pleaser at heart. It is evident in the calm demeanor and patience of each and every horse that Jesus loves on these horses unconditionally. Horses who are well loved and well disciplined make excellent trail horses, and are great for first timers who are nervous behind the reins.


Jesus charges $20 an hour, but is very flexible about overtime. Tip him an extra $10-$15 and he will happily grant you another hour out on the horses. 

“I’ll be honest, I was scared of horses. They’re big and strong and I didn’t understand how to read them. I was encouraged by my boyfriend to step out of my comfort zone and try horseback riding, to face my fear and if nothing else, tell everyone back home that I did it. When we got to Pete’s Camp, Jesus hooked me up with his “favorite girl” a black and white beauty with soft eyes. As soon as I walked up to her I could tell she knew I was nervous, and right away she nudged up against me. Jesus spoke very calmly and patiently to us, telling us her story and it was evident he loved her very much. He helped me get up in the saddle and still I was feeling nervous. We headed down the trail and step-by-step, I felt more confident. It was like she knew I was nervous and was being extra careful.  We ended up staying out for two hours, and I wanted to take her home! We passed by beautiful lakes and lots of gorgeous tress and flowers.  I nicknamed her Coconut because she kept playing with the broken coconuts on the ground. I am so glad I faced my fear, and I would tell anyone to head out to Pete’s, ask for Jesus, and experience what it is like to see the natural side of San Felipe from way up on the back of a gorgeous horse.”


Becky and Brian, Long Beach California 

Text addicts and Facebook feigns beware: Your cell phone service may be spotty out there, so you may not be able to take 14 selfies of you on the back of a horse (which is probably a good thing, texting while horse backing doesn’t sound safe.) Keep your phone back at the stable and take time to really enjoy the nature around you. During your vacation you will be spending a lot of time around lavish swimming pools, dancing to loud music at nightclubs, and eating to excess at gourmet restaurants. Try and take an opportunity to see the softer, calmer, quieter side of San Felipe and schedule a horseback riding adventure. 

How To Understand Your Horse

Some people get nervous around horses because they do not know how to read their communication signs and signals. Educating yourself on the different signals of a horse will make you a more confident rider, and will help you and the horse have the best experience possible.

  • Ears: Pinned ears back against it’s head indicate discomfort. Check to make sure all of the equipment is placed properly on the horse. Ears pinned back towards you when you’re riding mean the horse is listening to you. Happy and healthy horses will have ears perked up. If alert or focused on something, the ears are pointed in the direction of where the horse is looking (ears may flick back and forth if a lot is happening in his surroundings).
  • Eyes: If there is a lot of white showing or they are staring, that means the horse is scared.
  • Tail: If it’s swishing back and forth, the horse is nervous. If it is tucked between his legs, like dogs, this can be a sign of fear.
  • Nose: A wrinkled nose could mean the horse is irritated. 

If you have a specific day in mind that you want to take the horses out for a long ride, make sure to check with Jesus or whoever you are hiring the horses from. Letting the owners know it advance helps them provide you with well-rested horses that are up for a long day.

Do not get discouraged if your online search reveals little or conflicting information about horseback riding. When you get to San Felipe, a short trip down to The Malecon or to Pete’s Camp will provide you with the horses you are looking for. 

Villa 22-4

House ID: Villa 22-4

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