Sports & Leisure Activities San Felipe

Sailing in San Felipe Mexico
Picture this: Relaxing on the beach, the sun browning your skin, your toes drawing circles in the sand. A cold drink in your hand and the only thing on your mind is how you’re going to explain the breathtaking colors of the sea and sky to your friends back home. As you stare out into the ocean, a live Mexican band plays in the distance behind you and you can smell the fajitas and enchiladas cooking at a nearby restaurant. Then something catches your eye, something red and pink and green fa ....more->

Nightlife in San Felipe, Mexico
San Felipe is a perfect place for families with kids. The beaches, the boating and the lavish swimming pools make this a great spot for adults and kids alike. However, if your trip to San Felipe consists of travelers 18 and older, there is plenty to do in San Felipe when the sun goes down for those looking for a little bit of partying. Upscale, Quiet and Classy If you want to get dressed up and head somewhere quiet and romantic, there are a few bars and restaurants in San Felipe that provi ....more->

Horseback riding San Felipe, Baja California
Giddy Up, Partner! Saddle up and try some good ‘ol fashion horseback riding when you visit San Felipe! A quick online search can give conflicting results as to whether or not there is horseback riding available in San Felipe. We are here to officially tell you that YES, it is possible and recommended that you try this four legged adventure with family and friends while you’re here, you just have to know where to look. If you’re renting a fully furnished home or condo on t ....more->

Fishing and Fishing Tips for San Felipe, Baja, Mexico
Fishing in San Felipe is some of the best fishing in the world. And it’s not because of the wide range of fish you can capture at anytime, although that is a bonus. The entire experience of fishing in San Felipe is second to none. From the weather, the waves, to the friendly captains and crew who willingly share their boats, knowledge and fishing equipment with you, once you spend a day (or two) fishing in San Felipe, you’ll wish every fishing trip back home was as memorable and enjo ....more->

Having fun with fireworks in San Felipe, Baja, Mexico
Now here's a fun thing to do while vacationing in San Felipe - Fireworks! Yes, fireworks. It does not have to be your birthday to enjoy fireworks at night so go ahead create your own fireworks show. Where to buy fireworks in San Felipe Often overlooked, there there is a major fireworks store at KM 185 on San Felipe - Mexicali Highway 5. Getting to the fireworks store is very easy. If you are staying in El Dorado Ranch, simply head South on San Felipe highway 5 and pay attention to the ....more->

San Felipe Baja Mexico Cultural Center
If you were to ask the average visitor what San Felipe was all about, they might say fishing, food and fun. And although San Felipe does have an abundance of these things, it is also a place with a rich and vibrant culture that should be enjoyed and experienced. The best way to get acquainted with San Felipe and its history is by visiting the San Felipe Cultural Center. The San Felipe Cultural Center opened to the public in November of 2010, but still is not featured in many travel guides and ....more->