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Hiking in San Felipe Mexico
Hiking in San Felipe Mexico is very much an outdoor activity available for locals and vacationers to enjoy, except, it comes with a twist. If you are a hiker used to hike along a known path with the aid of a hiking book or some maps, you need to be aware that such is not available for hiking a San Felipe. Rather, you showed come with an Explorer mindset to enjoy local hiking. The terrain in San Felipe makes it possible for hikers of all levels to have a good time. You have everything from wid ....more->

A Brief History of El Cardón de San Felipe Baja Mexico
San Felipe is home of teasel ( Pachycereus pringlei ), the world's largest cactus. There are approximately 1200 species of cactus , all native to the Americas. The cactus is endemic to the deserts of Baja California. Some of the largest cacti have heights up to 21 meters (70 feet) and weighing 25 tons. It is slow-growing plants that also have longevity , as many of these specimens are more than 300 years. Its name comes from the term "Thistle " . It is said that when Hernan Cort ....more->

Swimming Pools in San Felipe | El Dorado Ranch pools
El Dorado Ranch Resort is a very popular tourist destination in San Felipe. It covers over 35,000 acres of land, and provides vacation rental accommodations for thousands of travelers every year. One of the major draws to El Dorado Ranch (besides the incredible location, private beach access and fully furnished homes at affordable prices) are the swimming pools. No, that is not a typo, there are is more than one pool on the resort, which means you can switch it up during your stay at and find th ....more->

Squatts Gym San Felipe Baja Calliofrnia Mexico | Fitness Gym
Wouldn’t it be great if when you went on vacation, so did all of the calories in all of your favorite foods? Wouldn’t it be great to sit down and devour fresh baked tortilla ships and homemade guacamole at Rosita’s Restuarant, then pop over to Parrot’s Cracker for one too many beers and an enchilada, order a round of tacos at Rice and Beans and then end the night with a juicy steak, and go to sleep that night knowing your waistline wouldn’t expand at all? We can ....more->

Tennis Courts - El Dorado Ranch San Feipe
Would you be surprised that El Dorado Ranch, in the beautiful town of San Felipe, has a way to lower your chance for heart disease, enhance your flexibility, coordination and balance, boost brain power, improve bone health and lose weight? Travelers flock to El Dorado Ranch to take part in this exciting transformation. It is not a magic pill or cream, it isn’t a food you eat or a pill you swallow. It only requires four things: A pair of tennis shoes, a tennis racket, a tennis ball and a ....more->

San Felipe Outdoor Swap Meet at  Cachanilla El Dorado Ranch
It is hard to walk down many streets in San Felipe without seeing a store, cart, or a man with his hands full, advertising souvenirs that you just have to have. Mexican tequila, shot glasses, sombreros, hand made Mexican blankets, carefully painted pottery and tiles, magnets, postcards and many other “touristy” trinkets to take home and remember your trip by.  If you have enough Mexican flag magnets and shot glasses at home, or you’re just looking for something a little ....more->