La Plazita is the newest and, arguably, most aesthetically pleasing mini-mall in San Felipe, located in the heart of downtown, immediately across the street from the Bancomer bank.  From the front, graceful arches welcome both tourists and locals alike, beckoning them to enter and browse.  Once inside, the singing of a tiled fountain caresses the ears, while charming staircases at the back show the way to the second floor.  Light and airy, La Plazita displays a delightful ambience in which to conduct work and/or pleasure.

Retail spaces adorn each side.  There have been several different kinds of shops and services available at one time or another, from psychological services to a hair salon to an upscale restaurant.  At the present time La Plazita plays host to a multi-dimensional hairstyling salon, the San Felipe Salt store, and an affordable boutique, all on the bottom floor.  Upstairs an accountant, a lawyer, and a beautiful restaurant overlooking downtown San Felipe, reside.   Parking is curbside.

At the moment, during the summer months, El Balcón (The Balcony), a lovely open-air restaurant on the second floor, is closed.  However, once the Snowbirds return and the tourist season begins (sometime in October  --  it varies, depending on the weather), the restaurant shall be re-opened.   So many of San Felipe’s businesses depend on those people who retreat to these Mexican climes in order to beat the cold of the North.    El Balcón has previously been owned by a chef from the city of Puebla, a town located south of here on the mainland.  Purely Mexican food was served, but with a taste twist from the chef’s own menu brought with him from his home town.  If this restaurant changes hands once again, you can be sure that whatever food is prepared, you will enjoy it with gusto.  The atmosphere invites friends and family to enjoy both the food and each other.  El Balcón will cater to the needs of your party, no matter the size. 

Two offices are presently occupied on the second floor.   An accountant does the books for the owners of La Plazita, Bob and Michelle Mc Donald.  He is also available to assist any walk-ins with accounting or business needs.  To my mind, if Bob and Michelle trust him, he must be the real deal.   The other upstairs office is taken by the attorney for La Plazita.  She handles all the legal transactions for the business, and is happy to help you with yours. 

Downstairs, in the right forefront, sits Karina’s boutique.  There is a beautiful display of clothes and accessories for the modern woman, imported from elsewhere in Mexico so you never have to be concerned about seeing a replica of what you’re wearing coming toward you on the street, either here or back home.  Karina has displayed lovely taste when it comes to clothing  - including colors and fabrics.  Her clothes are meant for warm-weather wear, and drape themselves charmingly on whoever wears them.  Her accessories are reminiscent of wearable artwork.  Beautiful one-of-a-kind necklaces, bracelets, and other types of jewelry hang invitingly on the walls and in their showcases.

 Her large store window faces the street, so, even after hours, you are able to feast your eyes on her wares.   Clothing is available for both men and women.  Karina invites browsing, and is eager to help you find what you want.   English is spoken here.


The San Felipe Salt Store is a unique shop that sells many of the naturals found in and around San Felipe.  Loofah sponges, shells, and, the star of the show, natural sea salt are found here.  There is a vast area of salt flats north of San Felipe from which this salt originates.  The Salt Store owns its own processing plant there, from which the salt is extracted and purified.  Bottled and labeled, the salt comes in several different varieties of flavors.  Natural salt is just that, salt on its own with no added flavorings.  Chipotle salt contains a chipotle pepper addition.  Mexicana salt has a mild, distinct addition of several spices, including….Garlic salt contains garlic seasoning.  Each salt is bottled in a lovely aqua-blue glass bottle with its own label telling what specific flavor is within.  These bottles include a shaker and grinder in their caps, which allow the user to determine just how fine a grind they want.   Accessories include a holder for the margarita salt, large enough to place a regular margarita glass within in order to salt the rim for a delicious cocktail.  Refills are available for all the flavors offered.  These bottles of salt not only brighten up your own kitchen or bar, but also make wonderful gifts for family and friends.  Bottles can be bought one at a time, in cases, or even in larger quantities for shipment elsewhere.  Everyone I know who has received bottles of this salt have been more than pleased with the flavor, texture, and beauty of the bottles.  For sales contact Charly  011-52-1-686-573-1360 or [email protected]

La Plazita is also home to a full-service beauty salon where you can sit, relax, and contemplate your purchases or activities for the day.  Both walk-ins and appointments are welcome.  Bob and Michelle get their hair done here, cut and styling, so if the work is good enough for the owners, I think it says a lot for the work that is being done there.  Coloring and highlighting are also on the menu, and you can leave this shop with that fresh sun-kissed look without worrying about skin cancer!

La Plazita holds some remarkably beautiful space that is available for anyone to rent, as well as professional and courteous businesses for you to check out and enjoy.  Stop in and look around next time you’re strolling through town.  You may find something unusual here that you’ve been seeking. 

  • Community: El Dorado Ranch
  • Location: #614 Ave. Mar de Cortez, San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico,
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