Tourist Places to Visit San Felipe

La Plazita - San Felipe’s Office and Shopping Mini-Mall
La Plazita is the newest and, arguably, most aesthetically pleasing mini-mall in San Felipe, located in the heart of downtown, immediately across the street from the Bancomer bank.  From the front, graceful arches welcome both tourists and locals alike, beckoning them to enter and browse.  Once inside, the singing of a tiled fountain caresses the ears, while charming staircases at the back show the way to the second floor.  Light and airy, La Plazita displays a delightful ambience ....more->

San Felipe Malecon - San Felipe Boardwalk
The heart of San Felipe is certainly the boardwalk along at the Sea of Cortez – this area is referred to as the Malecon. It is the Malecon where everything takes place, meaning most of the events that San Felipe hosts during the year are held there. Have you ever heard the phrase “all the roads lead to Rome?” Well, in San Felipe, the Malecon is our “Rome” and all roads will lead you there! As a town, San Felipe grew around the mountain where the shrine is (next to t ....more->

San Felipe Landmark - Shrine of Guadalupe
One of San Felipe’s most iconic landmarks is the shrine on the top of the mountain next to the lighthouse. This shrine is often confused with “the lighthouse” because when you look from the Malecon and see the flashing light, you assume it is part of the lighthouse. There are many stairs to climb to get to the top and are not the easiest to climb, but the scenes are totally worth the climb. So this is one climb that is highly recommended when you are in San Felipe. Take breaks ....more->

SAN FELIPE is host to the world famous off-road race Baja 250 and if you attend this spectacular party for the first time or are planning to attend and are still not convinced, I’ll take the liberty to give you some reasons to be decide. 1. THE MOST POPLUAR OF THE FOUR SCORE INTERNATIONAL RACES The Baja 250 is the most attended race of all the four races organized by SCORE INTERNATIONAL. Being the fastest circuit, riders take their machines to extreme limits in order to win. The F ....more->

Fun Day at Shell Beach, San Felipe, Baja, Mexico
There is the belief that if you come to San Felipe Baja, you must be prepared for the thrill of the desert trails and the freedom provided by off road vehicles.  This belief is true, but you can also enjoy miles of pristine sandy beaches full of shells for you to choose from and with the most beautiful weather all year round.  One of the most popular sites for finding magnificent shells is the famous Shell Beach located to the south of San Felipe at kilometer twenty-six (26).  ....more->

San Felipe Tourst Attraction - Konsag Island
Konsag Island  As if the beautiful beaches and busy downtown of San Felipe isn’t a dream vacation location in itself, just off the coast is a breathtaking island that appears to float above the waves of The Sea of Cortez. This is Konsag Island, named after Ferdinand Konscak, an explorer to the island who lived from December 2, 1703, to September 10, 1759. (A good tid bit of info if you find yourself faced with a San Felipe history trivia question.) You can get to Konsag Island b ....more->