Local Services and Businesses San Felipe

San Felipe Veterinarian & Pet Care Store
San Felipe knows the value of pets to their owners, and the veterinarian is an important part of that care.  Supplies, treatment for both wounds and illnesses, grooming, and even surgery are available in town.  Competent, professional veterinarians are a mainstay in the life and world of a pet owner, and, though San Felipe may be a small town, it caters to the needs of pets for both tourists and residents.  Nothing can be more alarming for a pet owner than having their four-leg ....more->

Guadalupana Homeopathic Pharmacy San Felipe Mexico
Guadalupana is the name of a chain of drug stores found throughout the northern state of Baja California, including Ensenada, Rosarito Beach, Tijuana, Mexicali, and San Felipe, whose specialty is homeopathy.  Although prescription, generic, and name-brand medicines can be found here, Guadalupana also carries a wide variety of homeopathic remedies and herbal supplements for whatever ails you.  There are two Guadalupana’s in San Felipe.  One has been open for several years, ....more->

Alicia's San Felipe Grocery Store - The Tunnel
The Tunnel – San Felipe Grocery Shopping Convenience In San Felipe, grocery shopping has been made easier, more convenient, and faster at Alicia’s.  Family owned and operated, Alicia’s is unique in town because of its drive-through tunnel.  ‘The Tunnel’ (or ‘tunél’, in Spanish), is an actual tunnel through which you can drive, order, and pay for groceries without ever leaving your car.  Not only that, but Alicia’s is a full ....more->

Las Palmas Hotel (San Felipe, BC, Mexico)
Las Palmas Hotel Opened by Alfredo Bellingheri in 1951, this facility, that overlooks The Sea of Cortez, includes a motel with 50 units, a separate bar – The Hideaway Bar and Grill - and a restaurant – Alfredo’s - and an entertainment venue known as The Secrets. Alfredo spent decades in Mexico City catering to famous people and dignitaries from around the world. When in Mexico City he developed a sauce for pasta and other foods that came to be known as “Alfredo&rdqu ....more->

San Felipe Storage Company
THE SAN FELIPE STORAGE COMPANY San Felipe Moving and Storage operates in the northern hemisphere of the Americas. From Canada and the US to Mexico they can pick up and deliver almost any type of freight – read: household stuff, appliances or construction materials and equipment – to almost anywhere in between. From your home in the US, or wherever, they will pick up your house hold goods and deliver them to the door of your new casa in San Felipe. They are perfectly placed to make ....more->

San Felipe Baja California grocery Store: Calimax
Calimax Has Everything You Need! When traveling to San Felipe, you will want to leave plenty of room in your suitcase for bathing suits, sunscreen and flip-flops. Don’t waste space in your luggage with necessities that you will need for your trip. San Felipe’s popular Calimax Grocery Store has everything you need for a San Felipe vacation.  Getting There Calimax is located at 324 Calzada Chetumal. This is right in the center of town and close to everything. There is ple ....more->

San Felipe Baja California grocery Store: Bodega Aurrera
Seasoned San Felipe visitors know this city is too beautiful, too busy and too exciting to dull it down by staying in a cramped and questionable hotel room. People who come back again and again to San Felipe know their vacation time is too valuable to spend circling parking lots, waiting in lines and sharing one bathroom and one TV with the entire group. Smart travelers know renting a vacation home is not only extremely cost effective, but also adds an exiting and fun element to their Mexican va ....more->