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Drive from San Felipe to Calexico-East border crossing
Back in December 2012, we brought you an update on San Felipe - Mexicali Highway 5 road conditions, at the time, we mentioned phase 1 of the highway 5 upgrade had been completed.  About the middle of June 2013, the road construction picked up again.  This new construction created miles of detours which frustrated many travelers, especially because the detours were very bumpy with road conditions best suited for a 4-wheel drive car.  Also, this added 30 - 50 minutes of travel time ....more->

San Felipe Snowbirds - Spending Winter months in San Felipe
San Felipe’s snowbird community is alive, well, and growing.  If you’re interested in why San Felipe could be your snowbird destination, read on. Winter.  Beautiful to look at, wondrous to see, crazy-making when it lasts for 5 months or more.  Unless you live those months south of the border in San Felipe. One option to beating winter is to escape to San Felipe.  Nestled up against the Sea of Cortez (also known as the Gulf of California), and surrounded by ....more->

San Felipe-Mexicali road conditions December 2012
San Felipe-Mexicali road conditions - December 2012 You may have postponed visiting San Felipe Baja California due to what seemed like endless road construction along San Felipe – Mexicali highway 5.  The good news is that the first phase of the construction is complete and there will be no more construction during the busy season in San Felipe.  So as of December 2012, there are more pesky detours which took you through miles of rough gravel roads robbing you of previous time ....more->

Do I need a tourist visa to visit San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico ?
Mexican Tourist Visa and Card Requirements for Visiting San Felipe Baja California The overwhelming majority of tourists to San Felipe Mexico arrive by road. This update is intend to answer Mexican tourist visa or card questions for visitors heading to San Felipe by road and crossing the U.S. – Mexico border in California and other close by border crossings. I hope this brings some enlightenment about the Mexican tourist visa and card requirements and the reality on the ground. Mexic ....more->

Accepted travel documents for crossing the US-Mexico border
WHTI Approved Travel Documents For Crossing US-Mexico Border So you had a great time in San Felipe Mexico and it’s time to head back to the U.S. -  What you’ll need. In my last posting on traveling to San Felipe Mexico from the U.S., we covered Mexican travel documents for your trip to San Felipe - I recommend you read the post, if you haven’t already to learn about the reality of these travel documents. We shall now review travel documents you will need for your ret ....more->