Things To Do San Felipe

Reasons not to miss the annual Shrimp Festival in San Felipe.
The Shrimp Festival , one of the most important events in San Felipe , not just about eating delicious seafood and getting caught up in festival fever . In a way, marks the beginning of the tourist season in San Felipe . The weather is perfect , and everyone begins to visit first or thousandth time San Felipe , just in time for the festival. If this is your first visit , we present the 7 reasons why you should not miss it : Shellfish : Without doubt, the main attraction of this festival is ....more->

There are plenty of things to do in San Felipe, Baja California to keep you busy. During the winter is an ideal time to go out and explore the deserts. We recommend a 4 wheel drive vehicle and a GPS for navigation. Be back in town before dusk! There are wonderful fossil beds and abandoned mines to see as well as waterfalls and pools for swimming at the base of the mountains to our west. The basic route to get there is along the Saltito road through the El Dorado ranch about 5 miles north o ....more->

Shopping is not just shopping when you’re doing it in San Felipe. Shopping is an opportunity for you to step out of your comfort zone and take a shot at the age ol’ technique of bargaining. Vendors in Mexico EXPECT you to haggle them, to ask for a better deal or discount. They price their items knowing full well that most customers will walk away with their product at a rate lower than advertised. Haggling may be uncomfortable for people who consider themselves introverts, but here a ....more->