Travelers love visiting San Felipe, and would do it a lot more often if there was a quicker way to get there rather than flying into Mexicali or Tijuana and making the drive. As of right now, there aren’t any public passenger planes that go to San Felipe, and there is a great need for one.

Lovers of San Felipe’s tasty food. sandy beaches and strong tequila have gone as far as making a “San Felipe Airport Needs Commercial Flights” Facebook page to encourage officials to allow larger aircrafts to fly in and out of San Felipe International Airport. This would undoubtedly boost tourism and increase profits for local businesses in the small town.

Back in the early 2000’s, a few airlines did fly single aisle airplanes into and out of San Felipe. When the economy tanked, however, there weren’t enough people heading to San Felipe and all flights there and back were cancelled. Now, the only planes that land there are small charter planes and private planes.

Seaport Airlines is currently discussing plans to get more passengers into San Felipe. Their goal is to have an aircraft coming and going out of San Felipe by November 2014. This would be a perfect time to plan a Thanksgiving on the beach!  If the plans go through, a daily flight would take passengers from San Diego California straight into San Felipe. These flights would not be your typical Boeing 747,  but Cessna Caravans, a small airplane that can carry nine passengers. According to Cessna’s website: 

The Caravan’s speed and range capabilities are unusually high for a cargo hauler. Its reliability and versatility in all weather conditions and terrains have made the Caravan famous for its rugged utility and flexibility. This durable workhorse will take to the sky from rough, unprepared, and short airstrips. Its reliability even in remote areas, at high altitudes, and in hot climates is unbeatable.” 

This is just another reason why people are so anxious to get flights into San Felipe. People get nervous about flying on small planes, they worry about how the plane will hold up in less than ideal weather conditions, how smooth the ride will be and of course, the overall safety of such a small aircraft. Cessna Caravans are excellent pieces of technology that can ease the minds and nerves of passengers using them on their trip in and out of San Felipe.

The long-term goal would be to have flights to Burbank, Phoenix and Tucson. Passengers who made it to San Diego could catch a connecting flight through Delta or Alaska airlines, and would be able to make reservations on their smartphone through websites like Expedia and Travelocity.

Many may not be familiar with SeaPort airlines, but this line prides itself in getting people where they need to go at an affordable rate. They do not work out of every airport, but currently you can find them in cities like Dallas, Kansas City and Portland. SeaPort Airlines started in Oregon in 2008.

If San Felipe International Airport did see a change in who could fly in and out, the airport would need some work done. The ramps would need to be updated, fueling stations would need to be adjusted and an increase in security and customs personnel would be required.  The landing strip, at 4,921 feet is more than enough to accommodate the Cessna Caravans and their nine passengers.

Currently, locals and tourists have to drive almost 250 miles to get from San Diego and San Felipe, and 125 from Calexico.

Supporters of more public flights to San Felipe list many benefits on their Facebook page:


“Wouldn’t your friends feel more comfortable visiting if they could hop on a plane instead of making the long drive?” one supporter asks.


Please give San Felipe the commercial flights they need! We could all come there more often to enjoy the beauty of the Baja!” someone else pleads.

It is clear that the lovers of San Felipe are anxious to hear any updates about the ability to fly to their favorite beach destination instead of making the drive. 

When you factor in all of the time and expenses it takes to make the drive into San Felipe from ANY of the closest airports, it can all really add up. Gas prices are on the rise, and the cost to fill up the tank enough times to get you into San Felipe could put a dent in an average traveler’s budget. The bathroom breaks and the food stops add up too, in time. A four hour ride from Tijuana could take 5 or 6 when you factor in all of the unplanned stops along the way.  Time is precious when you are on vacation and you don’t want to spend a lot of it traveling. You want to spend it hanging out, partying, eating too much, taking pictures and making memories. A flight into San Felipe would make getting to the “fun stuff” a lot faster.

Families with small babies stress enough about having to bring their small baby on a plane, but traveling hours in a car with a crying baby is enough to make any parent want to forget the whole idea of going on vacation. A quick flight would be faster and less nerve wracking for parents with a little one in tow. 

The time, the money and the hassle a Cessna Caravan would save San Felipe visitors is incredible, and this is why so many business owners are pushing for these flights into the city. More families, more spring breakers, and more travelers mean more business and money for the people of San Felipe, and everyone is okay with that outcome!

If you’re staying on El Dorado Ranch Resort, you can ask any of the knowledgeable staff members about updates regarding public flights into San Felipe International, they are always up to date on current events and will be able to answer any questions you may have. 

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