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Travelers love visiting San Felipe, and would do it a lot more often if there was a quicker way to get there rather than flying into Mexicali or Tijuana and making the drive. As of right now, there aren’t any public passenger planes that go to San Felipe, and there is a great need for one. Lovers of San Felipe’s tasty food. sandy beaches and strong tequila have gone as far as making a “San Felipe Airport Needs Commercial Flights” Facebook page ....more->

Taco Stands Not To Miss in San Felipe
Upon entering the town of San Felipe, which snuggles next to the Sea of Cortez on the northeastern coast of the Baja California peninsula, visitors are greeted by towering white arches serving as the gateway to this Mexican fishing port.  For anyone looking for a quick snack or a refreshing meal upon arrival, there are several taco stands of note as one travels into and through San Felipe east toward the Sea itself on the main road, Calzada Chetumal. Tacos are the native and most abundan ....more->

Jugos Manuel - Juice Store in San Felipe
Mexico’s cuisine is amongst the best in the world, when you think of Mexican food, your first thought usually goes to ‘’tacos’’ or “burritos” and this is true. You will find tacos at almost every street corner in San Felipe, but for healthier options, your best bet is at the corner of Mar Caribe and Ensenada street. Here you will find Jugos Manuel Juice Store. You are probably familiar with big-box juice stores like Jamba Juice, Robeks Juice, etc., well; ....more->

Security in San Felipe during Holidays
San Felipe hosts many events throughout the year that attracts tens of thousands of visitors, but none of them are as large as the Easter Celebrations known as “Semana Santa” or “Holy Week”. During the week of Semana Santa, it is estimated that the quaint little fishing village of San Felipe can see up to 30, 000 visitors (more than the number of residents) and of course all of them want to be on the Malecon! This influx of people, many from Mexicali but also from Califor ....more->

8th Annual San Felipe Blues & Arts Fiesta
It has become a tradition for the residents of San Felipe to mix pleasure with business. The BLUES & ARTS fiesta was held at LA VENTANA DEL MAR section of EL DORADO RANCH for the 8th year in a row. The fiesta started on Friday 28th and ended on Saturday March 29th with a fabulous display of talent on stage. There is no better way to enjoy the beautiful sea of Cortez, superb music performers, amazing art crafts displays, good food and drinks, and the nicest weather, all this put together m ....more->

Two Biggest Supermarkets in San Felipe: Calimax and Bodega Aurrera
Does San Felipe have a supermarket? Yes it does.  Prior to 2012, anyone looking to go grocery shopping had to make do with small local mom-and-pop stores. Suddenly, the large chain stores took note of San Felipe and the race to open a store in San Felipe was on.  We now have two of the major Mexican supermarket chains and those are CALIMAX and BODEGA AURRERA.  yup! The second one has a name that is very hard to pronounce, even Mexicans have a hard time saying it right. So ....more->

San Felipe Tequila Festival
I have to admit it: one of my favorite dates is the tequila festival in San Felipe. This Tequila festival has been in san Felipe for quite a while and has become a very welcome tradition, this year’s festival was held on March 22nd to the 24th (it doesn’t have a fixed date).  This Mexican party always has music for all ages, according to the program mariachi Mexican music is a must. But also it might include different local talents as well a famous guests and even rock music. ....more->

Sports Fishing in San Felipe, Baja, Mexico
Yes, I met some people who came from far away to San Felipe exclusively to fish. Mostly part of those people rent a panga for those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s an average of 20 ft long open boat with a local crew to take them to the right places in the sea of Cortez in front of San Felipe to get you the best fishing experience. Usually you can find a fisherman on the shore by the sea wall in town, ready to make a deal and take you the next day into the perfect fishing ....more->