Day Trips by Road San Felipe

Road Trip from San Felipe to Laguna Hanson
Drive On Down To Laguna Hanson Imagine putting together a delicious basket of sandwiches, fruits, snacks, and since this is San Felipe, maybe leftovers from dinner last night from one of the best taco stands in the city, Tacos el Pablano. Along with your basket, you’ve got a blanket, and a cooler full of ice cold drinks. Picture yourself throwing everything in the back of the car and heading out of San Felipe for a change of scenery. You and the people who mean the most to you set out f ....more->

Road Trip from San Felipe to the Valley of the Giants
When you think about a cactus, you probably visualize a bright green plant, maybe as tall as you, with a lot of spikes. You may even think to yourself, “I’ve seen a cactus before, why are people suggesting I go see MORE cacti?”   The reason is because these Saharous Giant Cacti are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. They aren’t as tall as you, they aren’t as tall as two of you standing on top of each other. These cactus plants are as big as so ....more->

Road Trip From San Felipe to the Hot Springs
Drive On Down To Puertecitos Hot Springs Hot springs are nature’s hot tubs! If you’ve spent your days in San Felipe walking along the Malecon, playing golf on El Dorado Ranch, or dancing the night away at Rockodile, a day trip out to the hot springs is a great way to soothe your aching muscles and tired feet. The hot springs are located about three hours from El Dorado Ranch Resort, so it is possible to make a day trip out of it. For mile-by-mile breakdown of what you can expec ....more->

Road Trip from San Felipe to Papa Fernandez
In the 1950’s, Gorgonio (Papa) Fernandez established a small fishing camp along the Sea of Cortez and after it was up and running, packed his family into a small rowboat and moved to the fishing camp from their home in Loreto. He named the fishing camp. This fishing camp has become a welcomed stop for traveler’s navigating the dirt tracks that lead south along the Sea of Cortez from San Felipe.   The location also goes by the names Punta Willard, Bahia Willard, Bahia San Lu ....more->

Road Trip From San Felipe to Bahia San Luis Gonzaga
Drive On Down To Bahia San Luis Gonzaga Visitors to San Felipe come to soak up the sun on the beaches, relax in the crystal clear swimming pools, eat too much Mexican food and stroll the Malecon for optimal people watching. However, many do not know that just three hours away, you can get an entirely different Mexican experience. A road trip to Bahia San Luis Gonzaga is an outdoor adventure complete with, fresh air, sea breezes, mountain views, and a few quirky and fun stops along the wa ....more->